Improving ourselves every day.

"The perfect technique for perfect printing."


We are an old, ultra modern company.

This may sound contradictory, but in fact it isn't: Habo DaCosta was founded in 1922, but is continuously implementing the latest technologies.

Especially over the last eight years we have developed ourselves as specialists in printing luxurious, glossy magazines. At the moment we are responsible for the printing of approximately 160 titles in this top segment. Furthermore we excel in commercial printings, brochures and annual reports.

Our machinery is well suited to these tasks: there are several heatset web presses and five-colour sheetfed presses capable of UV-coating, and we have our own afterpress department to saddle stiched or perfect bound magazines. Add to this a high-tech pre-press department, and here's the almost perfect profile of a magazine production specialist.

Almost, because even more important than the technical facilities are human knowledge and involvement. Every person in our company is experienced and possesses a mindset essential to this business. We are aware of the utmost importance of deadlines and client support.

Habo DaCosta chose to use both forms of offsets: sheetfed offset presses as well as web presses. These techniques complement each other and enable us to print relatively small as well as larger print runs. Because we work in three shifts, our printers are almost constantly in use and we can shift between jobs swiftly, which is essential in order to meet the magazine deadlines.